Well connected in Europe with CapitaMedia

For more than 20 years MEDIAFABRIK has developed media strategies and concepts for domestic and international use. The support of two sister agencies in Berlin and a branch in Stuttgart is always available – as well as a pan-European network of partners.

The MEDIAFABRIK Group has launched CapitaMedia in order to be more competitive internationally. „This is a network of media agencies from twelve countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the Czech Republic”, explains MEDIAFABRIK co-owner Peter Peschel. The most important criterion was that the agencies are owner-operated, as are the media professionals in the German capital.

The CapitaMedia website launched in July 2017 showcasing partners and campaigns. The Europe-wide network is very helpful for DIEMEDIAFABRIK in its work for IDM Südtirol and has also proven itself in other projects. „For international planning it is important to have reliable partners and expertise in each country”, says Peschel. The network agencies deliver useful studies and market information and in some cases also provide planning. For example, Abovo Media in Hoorn, the Netherlands, helped out with an out-of-home campaign for South Tyrol that ran in big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Conversely in Germany MEDIAFABRIK worked for an Abovo client from the e-commerce industry.