GASAGs new brand presence can be seen in the streets of Berlin

On the occasion of its 170th birthday energy service provider GASAG surprises with an updated brand presence. Using the tagline „NEU DENKEN. MIT VOLLER ENERGIE“ or „NEW THINKING. FULL OF ENERGY“ and with a refreshed logo, a new visual language and tonality, the Berlin-based company is taking a new approach in the competition for customers and publicity. The relaunch will be accompanied by an integrated image and sales campaign, which will be implemented by DIEMEDIAFABRIK. The design work was done by advertising and PR agency Peperoni.

Challenging media planning

The campaign has been shown in the streets of the capital since the end of September. Headlines on posters without an advertiser name were causing initial curiosity. The revealing motifs appeared in outdoor advertising one week later. These are everyday situations, positioning GASAG as a broad-based energy service provider. „In terms of planning, the strong visibility and coverage of the campaign were challenging. We want GASAGs new brand image to reach all Berliners and stick in their minds“, says Peter Peschel, CEO of MEDIAFABRIK.

Regional media-mix

An extensive CLP-network was booked, in combination with selected mega billboards. Working closely with sister agency DIEPOSTERFABRIK the Mediafabrik solved the complex task of having the seven matching motifs of the teaser-revelation mechanism appear at the same poster location. A bus stop in front of Berlins central station features the new GASAG look with a CLP showcase and built-in cell phone charging station. It is powered by solar panels on the roof. Beer coasters printed on both sides, branded bakery bags, other ambient media as well as online advertising and print bookings complement the media mix. To bridge the gap between image and sales campaigns, the powerful motifs will travel all over Berlin on buses and trams starting mid-October.
(October 19, 2016)