MONDO furniture launches its first TV-campaign

„Really beautiful furniture“, actress Annette Frier marvels in the current TV commercial for furnishing brand MONDO. This is the first time that the premium furnishing brand of BEGROS, a home furniture purchasing association and wholesale company headquartered in Oberhausen, steps into the television world. We have been serving this customer since last year. Starting in January 2017 we have the 30-second-ad promoting its premium furniture brand running on ARD and private TV stations in three versions and over several weeks. The commercial was produced by Palladium in Cologne, directed by Sönke Wortmann.

In print or at the movies too

The entire MONDO furniture world is featured in the commercials – from the kitchen, through the hallway and the bedroom to the dining and living areas. The commercial is the centerpiece of the campaign. It was created by the Bonn-based agency Kreativ Konzept, that also created a cross-medial campaign concept in collaboration with the marketing department at MONDO. Print, online, radio and cinema bookings, as well as social media activities complement and extend the TV campaign.
In the furnishing world the MONDO name stands for quality, function and design. With actress Annette Frier, who is well-known from film and television („Danni Lowinski“, „Die Patin“ or „Schillerstraße“), the furniture label brings a congenial celebrity brand ambassador on board.
(January 9, 2017)