Antenne Niedersachsen is always on its listeners’ trail

New name, new brand identity and a clear message: „Hit-Radio Antenne Niedersachsen” is now „Antenne Niedersachsen” – short and crisp. We advertise the relaunch of our long-time client among the radio target group of 35 to 54 year old listeners.

From August to October 2013, we use traffic boards on numerous buses to put the striking statement on the road. In addition, RollAds are used. Starting in August and September, there will be lots of trucks driving through Lower Saxony, announcing the campaign’s message that reads „Just something new.” to the motorists of that sparsely populated state. The colorful graphics of regional suppliers is sure to immediately catch the attention of residents and the many commuters from Hanover to the smallest farmstead. The advertising trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS technology, allowing our customer to track their rolling billboards in real time.

In addition to the attention-grabbing transportation ads, we use the „Just something new.“-message for outdoor advertising media like billboards and pillars.