From billboard to TV with KBV Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

Since 2013 resident physicians and psychotherapists have been assuring people: „We like working for your life.” In 2015 the long-term image campaign for KBV enters its third round. This time, it focuses on medical benefits. Physicians, clinics and the entire outpatient system are aimed at. Practitioners acting as ambassadors speak out via billboards again, from the end of May and in more than 80 cities nationwide.

In March, KBV also criticized the plans of the Federal Government. With statements such as „We like working for your life, as long as politics allows us to.” or „Imagine going to the doctor and he’s no longer there.”, KBV opposed a draft for the „Care Provision Strengthening Act”. The act includes plans to shut down medical offices. This is a fatal signal to young doctors in „over-served” areas, says KBV. On the day of the press conference we made their disapproval public in large ads in national daily media and on Poster-Cars driving by government buildings. This caught so much attention, that the rolling posters made it to national newscasts.