Is work really everything? We scrutinize the question with Frankfurter Rundschau

Employment has never been higher in Germany. But not everyone is happy. Is work really our religion? In 2015, Frankfurter Rundschau critically scrutinized this meaning of life in a multi-week thematic-focus. This is one of four scheduled special editions, which is accompanied by an exceptional marketing campaign.

We advertise the „work“-product-campaign for the national daily newspaper in the Hessian readership base and beyond, in cities like Hamburg or Berlin. The ties motif, designed by the Agency Zum Goldenen Hirschen, is a wake-up call. It condenses a variety of keywords from continuous news reporting into the symbolic work motif.

Cosmopolitan, opinion-forming and socially conscious adults, from students to retirement age come across the campaign with its typical fresh FR-green in buses and suburban trains as well as outdoor advertising spaces. At the same time, online, Facebook and mobile advertising measures provide for a high recognition value.