IG Metall and DIEMEDIAFABRIK provide answers to job questions

How high do I want to fly? Who cares about my interests? IG Metall does. The union is by its members’ side, competent and assertive, with answers to the very latest job issues. This message is pointed out by their current campaign which focusses on „New times, new questions – together for new answers”. From January to February 2014, DIEMEDIAFABRIK spreads the word efficiently among commercial and technical staff between 20 and 35, as well as university graduates.

A 45-second cinema ad conveys the message using job-related scenes, reflecting the spirit of the time. For a broad national approach we have it run for six weeks in cities with population over 20 000. As an emotional 20-second ad, we place it online in entertainment environments and provide extra reach with display advertising in portfolio rotations. In turn, City-Light-Posters and billboards target commuters and multipliers at ICE train stations. The poster sites were co-decided by the staff of around 155 administrative offices using a specially designed online tool on the extranet.